African Trade Bead Handmade Bracelet, Krobo Beads


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These beaded crystal bracelets feature AA quality gemstones. I've strung them on heavy duty beading wire with channel connectors so they are extra strong for daily wear!

For a real tribal feel, this bracelet is handcrafted of six orange carnelian agate beads as well as five Krobos beads from Africa!

The clasp is a hammered enamel coated copper hook and loop.

It's comfortable and easy to put on/take off. I hope you will find it to be a go-to piece for your daily crystal connection!

In Ghana, Krobo artisans grind recycled glass, made frrom discarded bottles and jars, into to a fine powder. The powder is formed in a clay mold which uses a cassava leaf stem to make the center hole. The beads are then fired in an Earth oven made from termite mounds, and as the glass hardens, the cassava leaf burns up. After they’re cooled, the beads are often decorated with a paste made of colored glass powder and water, which is applied using a thin wooden stalk. They are then refired a second time to set the color before being washed, then strung through the centers on raffia. This technique has been used for centuries in Africa.

Each piece is made by me in my studio right here in northwest Indiana, and is one-of-a-kind. The stones I use spend time under moonlight for cleansing before I work with them. I choose my materials very carefully for quality and provenance, including cruelty-free and eco-harvesting. All purchases come carefully packaged and ready for gift-giving!

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