Animal Jawbone and Bloodstone Statement Necklace


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Animal Jawbone and Bloodstone Statement Necklace | Tribal Necklace | Taxidermy Jewelry | Oddity Necklace | Real Jawbone Pendant | Viking

**This cruelty-free jawbone was found in the woods, from an already deceased animal.**

A real predator jawbone (coyote?) that I've electroformed into a very cool piece of wearable taxidermy art. I've left the three remaining teeth white, the rest of the bone is plated in copper. The finish is a dark, hand applied patina.

At the top of the piece is a beautiful bloodstone cabochon, and the bottom "fang" is an aura crystal. There is decorative "piping" down the front and along the edge of the bloodstone, created with apoxy sculpt clay and then hand stamped and electroformed.

It comes on a 30"L thick leather cord with hammered copper hook and loop closure.

This piece has a very tribal, earthy look to it. It is quite unique, as most of my pieces are. I never know what I'll find in the woods, and I really love creating singular jewelry from Nature's gifts!

This is a talisman for those who love to prowl the forests, and feel a deep connection with Nature.
Electroforming is a unique process of combining chemistry and alchemy to take natural objects and plate them in copper. It can take up to three days to create a single piece. Each piece has been given a dark patina and good old fashioned polishing with steel wool. My work has been clear coated to halt the oxidation process and to keep your skin from turning green. Over time, the copper on your piece may need a coating of clear nail polish to continue to keep the oxidation to a minimum.

Each piece is made by me in my studio right here in northwest Indiana, and is one-of-a-kind. The stones I use spend time under moonlight for cleansing before I work with them. I choose my materials very carefully for quality and provenance, including cruelty-free and eco-harvesting. All purchases come carefully packaged and ready for gift-giving!

Sincerely, your Stone Sister,


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