Labradorite Carved Crystal Wolf Head – Large


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Whoa, you haven’t seen an amazing carved labradorite wolf until you’ve seen THIS wolf!

I frequently purchase carved wolf heads that I make necklaces out of from a family-owned shop in China where they do their own carving. The wolves are small and made to be turned into jewelry. But ONCE in a while, they’ll make a large specimen if the call strikes them or the stone asks for it. This one did.

This is a big, intricately carved wolf head made of a solid piece of green flashy labradorite. Her eyes are inlaid black onyx, and she does have a hole drilled horizontally, through the ears, in case you wanted to hang her, although she is too heavy to wear for most. I think she’s best on your altar, where she can keep an eye on things!

A stunning talisman protection piece you will pass down for generations. A true work of art! I wasn’t planning on parting with her, but she tells me someone is looking for her, NEEDS her, and she is waiting for you to find her!

4″L x 3″W x .75″D

Sincerely, your Stone Sister,