Sea Witch Mixed Media Art


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She may steal the voice from certain mermaids, but this Sea Witch is content at the moment to remain on her driftwood throne and wait for the next one...

Handmade polymer clay "Witch" sits upon a piece of Lake Michigan driftwood.

The shells were handpicked on a blustery November day last fall on Lake Erie in Toledo.

The pieces of sea urchin are the remnants of ones I tried to bring back whole from my trip to Coya Costa island in southwest Florida. I was quite saddened when only one of 21 urchins made it back to Chicago without breaking, but delighted I could find another use for the broken shells!

This piece would make an excellent addition to your altar, as a tribute to Dizknee lore, and just because it's so darn cute!

Handmade and one of a kind.